Massage types

Intimate massage

Intimate massage is a type of mechanical effect on tissues that helps a person to reveal their life potential, enhance sexual energy and sensitivity. Эротический массаж can be useful to everyone, regardless of age, sexual experience or marital status. An intimate massage helps enrich your life by increasing your sex drive.

Striptease massage

Striptease is a beautiful erotic dance. In our salon you will get great pleasure, since a whole erotic show awaits you during a striptease massage: first, the girl will change into an erotic outfit, and then she will start an exciting dance. This dance will be full of passion and eroticism. During the striptease, the girl will undress completely and invite you to the shower. And after the shower, the masseuse will move on to the massage itself. Do you like this option?

Relax massage

Relax massage is a basic massage in our salon. Its second, more popular name is body massage, since in this massage the erotic part is done by the naked body. First, the masseuse will thoroughly knead all the muscles of your body during a classic massage, and after that she will apply oil to her body and begin to caress you in a variety of ways. You will receive not only physical relaxation, but also tremendous pleasure from what you see.

Thai massage

Thai massage is an ancient art based on Ayurvedic medicine, where Buddhist spiritual practice and yoga are laid. More than conventional massage, Thai massage features gentle swaying, rhythmic acupressure, and deep stretches to open joints, exercising and toning the entire body system.

Massage history

More than two thousand years ago, the doctor of one of the Indian kings Javaka Kumar Bhashi invented a massage with which you can replace all modern medicine.

Anticellulite massage

Anti-cellulite massage is able to correct figure flaws, after which the thighs and buttocks become smooth, and problem areas are more attractive. During the massage, they intensively affect the areas where it is required to correct the delicate condition of the skin. The effectiveness of anti-cellulite massage.

Swedish massage

Today Swedish massage is the most common type of massage in spa salons. This method is based on several techniques: stroking the body, rubbing, kneading muscles and smooth movements. The masseur performs soft and slow movements with his hands, but they can be exciting and strong.

Sports massage

Sports massage is a good opportunity to prepare a specific muscle group or the entire body for sports training and competitions. Careful tissue work is beneficial because vibration, friction and pressure applied to the surface of the body promote blood flow and circulation.

Sensual erotic Eros massage

Erotic massage is one of the most beautiful components of the sexual life of a modern person. Such pleasure has become available to residents of Kiev thanks to Natalie’s erotic massage salon.

Преимущества эротического массажа

Answering this question, you should first turn to the classic massage, which is often called Swedish. It is very popular in Western Europe precisely because it involves deep processing of the whole body.

Erotic massage in the Dita salon

Erotic massage is a type of massage that will reveal your sexuality, enhance sexual function and sensitivity. In India and China, in ancient times, clergymen were engaged in erotic massage. Erotic massage salon “Natalie” will allow you to plunge into the magical atmosphere of relaxation and bliss.

Lesbian show is an unusual performance that will give you unforgettable pleasure

We are talking about a massage program, which is served in a massage parlor under the sauce of lesbian love. A man literally goes to heaven. Two sexy and seductive masseuses, naked, beautiful, take him to the shower, where they wash away stress and negative emotions from a man, simultaneously demonstrating that they are already somewhat aroused, and their every touch to each other only intensifies their sexual desire.